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September 30, 1932 – January 27, 2013

In this small section, I will endeavour to honour, and pay tribute to my late husband, Angus (aka GUS). I can think of no better introductory words than those of his long-time friend, Murray Costello, one of the chums he grew up with in the 'Porcupine'.

He was such a large and manly presence in our growing up years, in many ways the core guy in our group, such that his passing leaves  a huge void ..... He truly was an amazing character and a great friend....

Gus has been a "large presence" as well as an "amazing character" in the lives of countless people, family and friends, both as an accomplished artist, and as one willing to share his insights and his expertise with many budding artists, freely giving of his time and resources.  Gus not only supported sculptors, he has willingly, regularly and generously supported the broader art community at home and away, whether they were experienced or inexperienced, young or old. For this reason, I have included some exerpts from his self-published book called "Boathouse Musings", which I believe will enrich the perspective of any aspiring artist, or nature lover.
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